Thursday, May 15, 2008

These tales of topics from the ocean of experiences from which I've sailed for over fourteen years now, will hopefully guide you all to a more fulfilling and fun way to sail though your adventures in mobile disc jocking. Keep in mind as you travel with me across many a journey, that these tales might not be for you. The one thing I learned as a matey, before becoming the captain of my spaceship was “ steal what you can from others, but it all might not be something your can sail yourself “. We all have our own direction or capabilities, personalities and likenesses, musical tastes and forthrightness ( is that a word ?) whatever. I hope you understand.

I am a bit out there in my way of describing things or my brand of humor so, bare with me and email me if you don't get something. I'll send you the video so you can keep up. ( It's only $19.95 plus S/H ) whenever I get around to filming it ! So batten down the hatches and enjoy the journeys. I'm coming to your computer !!!!